Reply To: Prickly/water droplet sensations

May 18, 2012 at 1:02 am

Yes very helpful Dave—-thank you. so did they go real slow with the infusion rate for your first time? My dr is saying 1000mg 2x in two weeks then repeat in 6 months. how many mg did you get? she said it would be more rituxin to do it by the standard 1000mg protocol then to go by my body weight, and thought hitting me right off with a large dose would make it so we could really tell whether it was going to work. Sounds good i guess, but makes me a little more nervous about having some sort of reaction to it.
did your dr say it should take just 3 rounds of infusions unless the cidp returns? Is MGUS the same as anti-mag?
I was wondering about the benedryl too. I dont have any reaction to the ivig, no headache at all—except for my first infusion when they gave me 50 mg of benedryl. after that i took only 25 and no headache. so i had more reaction to the benedryl than the ivig. do they give you a lot of benedryl with the rituxin? My ivig infusion nurse thinks they might order iv benedryl with the rituxin—sound like a definite headache and wooziness—better not plan on returning to work that day.
so will you have another round of infusions in june regardless-or only if you get improvement from the first round? is rituxin the first immunosuppressant you have tried? It will be my first. Are you tired of all these questions yet??? LOL thanks for sharing your experience—-people who have already been through it are so much more knowledgable than the Drs and nurses. I hope the rituxin kicks in for you and starts working–the axonal damage takes longer, i have axonal damage too. thanks again for the info. Lori