Reply To: Prednisone journey blog

May 20, 2012 at 3:51 am

Hello Dick,

When I was on steroids for the second time, I found that taking a huge dose one a week pushed most of the sleeplessness and irritability problems to the day I took the dose. I also took it Friday evening, a couple of hours before bed. It did not keep me from sleeping that night, but I was pretty wired on Saturday. I did my best to stay away from everybody on Saturday because I was not really pleasant (understatement) to be around. However, by Sunday morning, I was much more like my normal self.

The dose was monumental, 650 mg. Yep, more than half a gram at a shot. I did this for four weeks, and then cut the dose by 100 mg a month until I reached zero. The goal was to follow Gareth Parry’s idea of 1/2 gram of Solumedrol every week for a month, and then tapering the dose to zero over time, but without needing to go to an infusion clinic. I did this while waiting for an immunosuppressant to kick in. The protocol seemed to work well.

Godspeed in dealing with prednisone.