Reply To: Prednisone journey blog

June 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

I refilled my Rx for prednisone yesterday. I guess that means a month has passed. So far I have managed my weight OK. I have not gained or lost more than 3-5 lbs, so I guess I am happy about that so far. My sleep has generally been uneven at best. Some nights I sleep well, and others I cannot sleep at all. Emotionally, I think I am basically balanced, but then again, the medication is consistent. I know that when I begin to taper down the dose changes will affect me. I think I am a tad more blunt, and have less patience with people, but life goes on. Physically, my muscles have been more friendly towards me. I can get more done and recover faster. I have played 9 holes of golf twice and 4 1/2 holes once. Although my feet still hurt obnoxiously, I recovered by the next morning. I hope to be able to play all 18 holes in one day. That would be a good goal. I still think playing golf both days of a weekend is out of reach, maybe by the end of summer ?? Numbness, and other CIDP symptoms, maybe some days better than others. I woke up the other day and I felt completely numb from the upper thigh all the way down to my toes. My hands still quiver. Sometimes I feel like a wound up rubber band in a child’s wind up airplane. Other than those issues. I don’t think much else has changed. I still feel positive and still hope for the best.