Reply To: prednisone

April 4, 2013 at 1:22 pm

My mom has been on heavy doses of prednisone for a year and half now, she has developed skin that is so thin some of it breaks if you just brush past it and they are thinking it is a side effect of the drug. Now she has these these blisters that just form out of no where on her arms, some with blood in them some with just clear fluid in them. Doctors and nurses are having trouble treating her because to touch her you take a chance at skin tears, 2 weeks ago she was in the hospital for an infection that developed and a nurse turned her and ripped a tear 15cm long and alost down to the bone deep in her leg. They can not seem to find anything to help these conditions and they won’t take her off the drug because they say that the CIDP will crop up to her lungs. Things aren’t looking good right now..