Reply To: Post Miller Fisher

March 9, 2013 at 3:51 am

Yes! I too had MF GBS in March of 2003.  I’ve been dealing with residuals which include numbness pains, I have drop foot and walk with a foot brace.  I still have a lot of nerve damage as I wasn’t diagnosed correctly right away.

Do you use a cane or walker?  How about physical therapy?  I’m in swim therapy, been for the past 5yrs now. The warm water is great and being able to move about is fun and helps with the residuals.

Many here at the foundation recommended the swim therapy and I’m really glad I’ve been going. It’s been a long road on March 24th I’ll be celebrating my birthday and 10yrs from my onset of MF GBS, lots of people say some birthday present, lol!  I keep positive stay strong and never ever give up! No matter what I enjoy life and keep in mind the 3 L’s Live Love and Laugh!!

Keep smiling, stay strong 🙂