Reply To: Post Miller Fisher

October 2, 2013 at 5:46 am

Hi, Roddy,

The issue I had with my MFS was primarily double vision and balance. The vision component lasted for a year with no improvement. Corrective surgery followed, and this was greatly improved. The inner ear nerve damage, along with fatigue and limited vision, combined to make returning to the classroom an impossibility. My MFS never evolved, thankfully, to full blown GBS with numbness or pain in the extremities.

All symptoms have gotten better over time, including my balance. With piano, it was largely the balance and eyesight that curbed even my playing/reading skills, as you mention with your fingers and guitar-playing. This, too, improved well enough for me to slow down my pace a bit, and concentrate on improving my basics. This was a good thing, actually! Over time, I found I was able to teach piano and thoroughly enjoy it, and my own skills have recovered. My students, to this day, appreciate my relaxed, patient style of instruction, which I owe to the MFS. I think I now enjoy my 30+ students one at a time, more than I ever did with all of them in the same classroom at one time.

Please know there is a future and hope with your neuropathies, and your fingers will regain dexterity in due time. It’s a long cruise, but know you are healing.