Reply To: Post Miller Fisher

August 13, 2013 at 9:58 pm

Your’s is an amazing story, Jim, thanks for sharing. It is quite an adjustment, getting used to all of the alterations and residuals of MFS. Having the vestibular system on my entire right side taken out, I was a heck of a balance study for some time. By the grace of God, however, I now go from day to day, albeit handicapped, easily motion-dizzied, and fatigued, doing and enjoying what I’m able. The whole experience has made me a far more grateful person, with a life-rhythm that is so much simpler, enabling me to be in the moment more now than I ever was before. It sounds like you’ve reached a level of contentment too, you now being mobile and traveling, like you say. There is a certain bitter-sweetness to it all, for me. On one hand, I’d never wish GBS on anybody, yet, it can be that “forced pause” that wakes us up to the things that really matter in these short lives of our’s. Again, appreciate your account!