Reply To: Please tell me your story…GBS vs. CIDP vs. other

May 29, 2012 at 8:52 pm

Hi Heathersmansfield, my GBS was misdiagnosed because it presented so asymetrical…GBS is commonly symetrical. My symptoms started March 2012 so it’s still early days for me too. I find the pain absolutely excruciating but I am learning to adjust medication to try and eliminate as much as I can. I had an upper respiratory infection thay perceded the GBS…truthfully, I have my moments of worry that it could be cidp but I do as my neuro told me and do a little bit and then rest. It’s very difficult but I rejoice every day that it wasn’t as severe on both sides of my body…and that there was no respiratory paralysis. I am off work and expect to be for several months yet so I will check for any response from you tomorrow. I am in UK but wanted to be part of the international forum too…hope to hear from you
Dixie x