Reply To: Optic Neuritis Anyone?

April 25, 2012 at 6:11 pm

Wow Limekat- you sound JUST like me!!! well as much as it is irritating to have eye involvement, it’s nice to know that other neuro opthamologists see this too with CIDP! Flourescent lights also make mine worse too! My eyes are dry as well – worse in the mornings and nights, I just started using lubricant drops. When this all started I had gritty dry eyes and thought it was allergies, but after allergy drops didn’t work and the whole thing persisted, i figured it must be from whatever was going on with me!
Do you still see the neuro opthamologist? I am thinking about cancelling my next appointment (next week), I don’t have much free time, so spending it there for hours and hours is exhausting! Plus they just increased the IVIG to every two weeks, which means I have even less free time and therefore patience haha.. Hope all is well – thank you so much!