Reply To: Nutcracker esophagual spasm

November 1, 2013 at 4:39 am

Hi Razzilou, I haven’t had another episode but keep feeling like it might come back. I have to have the compression test if it happens again. They have me on Flexeral trying to keep the spasm from happening. I read that the only meds that might help during an episode is nitroglycerine. That’s because the esophagus is a smooth muscle like the heart. They also said to gulp a large glass of water. It helps stretch out the esophagus like you would when you get a Charley horse in your leg and you stretch it out.
I just hope it doesn’t happen again. That blasted hurt!
So sorry to hear you also have Sjogrens Syndrome. Nothing like keeping a full plate of autoimmune mix ups..