Reply To: not really new but still desperately in need of help

February 20, 2012 at 4:40 pm

One last thing I forgot: The reason why I am thinking that the demyelinating neuropathy came first (thus excluding the possibility of toxic neuropathy as the few toxic neuropathies that are demyelinating are not caused by the drugs I took) is that the “useless” firsst NCS was read as normal: I had hree measurements in total, two out of three showed slowed nerve conduction, the last one was normal except for decreased amplitude in one hadn. But the last value is not valid as they overheated my feet there, whereas the first two measurements corelated well and were done on warm (but not overheated) feet.

Also, as mentioned in my older post, I have mild bilateral ptosis which I didnt have three years ago. And no, I def dont have MG