Reply To: Not diagnosed..need help.

June 12, 2012 at 4:14 am

Canuk – I totally can relate.. I have to have very good fine motor skills for my career, and when this started it hit my hands hard.. I could’nt pick up and do things I need to do – from scooping baby formula, to my job.. I had multiple dr’s ask how stressed out I was with being a mom of two young kids etc etc.. ugh I told my husband.. I hope the only problem is that I am crazy!! That would be an easier fix, and I could at least hopefully grow old with my kiddos! The only thing stressing me out was this situation and how difficult it was to be taken seriously initially! It is in deed very frustrating..
Kelly and GH- it is crazy how much money I pay for insurance monthly and how much it seems to not cover.. in addition to the stress of being sick, working, taking care of kids,, keeping up with these insane bills adds A TON of stress! Then the stress to make sure I work enough hours each month to stay insured, working around my IVIG schedule!!! Either way I am just thankful that IVIG works!