Reply To: No Recovery For Some

February 16, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Somewhere someone along the line knew enough to save your life, but apparently that is not good enough.
Illness from hell – tell that to the parent of a child born with any one of the hundreds of things that will require their child to be restricted from day one- need medical attention for the rest of their lives – or worse yet – know that their live will end prematurely.
I will never return here again- fine take your ball and go home – find another playground.
Hoping was a waste of time – here is a novel idea- did you try doing instead of sitting there hoping for whatever it is you think is suppose to happen. Do you volunteer for anything in the community – help those worse off then you – and there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you. However I am not going to give up hoping I win the lottery, hoping my spouse will wake up one morning looking like George Clooney, hoping my kid will go to MIT, hoping for world peace….
If you were a defeatist before GBS, you will be one after. No amount of pep talks or someone saying suck it up is going to help. If you aren’t coming back then what was the purpose of you post? I do see that my point is moot, but on the off chance that you will come and see who responded I would like to know.