Reply To: Newly diagnosed

October 30, 2012 at 3:05 am

Hi Ev,

My brother was recently diagnosed with CIDP. FEB of 2012 and is currently at 7 month recovery stage. It is slow as he seems to have soem axonal damage, but getting better slowly. He is mobile, but needs to watch himself. His hands are the issue. Currently he has a grip strentgh of about a 3 year old.

The most important thing for you at this moment (from my experience) is to get the neuro and put a plan together asap. If you can limit the damage in the early stages it will only help the recovery process. IVIG and/or Plasma are the 1st line treatments and if they are available to you i would push to get them right away.

Most important thing is to stay positive and you will get through this.