Reply To: Newly diagnosed

October 30, 2012 at 4:59 pm

Ev, I had two five-day rounds of IvIg early in the progrssion of my CIDP. For some, this is the treatment of choice. For me, it provided only temporary slowing of the progression of the disease, if that. When I continued to deteriorate after the second round of IvIg, I was given plasma exchange treatments, of which I had nine. I began recovery before finishing the plasma exchange, and have been improving since.

Massage from a licensed massage therapist can be useful. When a person is immobilized, fluid can settle in the extremities, causing edema. A therapist can squeeze the fluid back out of the hands and feet. I very nearly had to have ring cut off because of swelling, but we managed to remove it. I suggest you remove any rings before it be omes difficult.