Reply To: Newly diagnosed

October 30, 2012 at 4:31 am

Certainly weakness in the legs, loss of balance, and falling are suggestive of GBS or CIDP, and call for prompt evaluation by a neurologist. GBS and CIDP are generally bilaterally symmetric, so if your problem is only in one leg, it might be something else. (Actually, it could be something else anyway. Leave diagnosis to the neurologist.)

Steroids are a treatment for CIDP, not GBS, and are usually temporary.

I never took Neurontin or any form of antidepressants. (I have CIDP.)

There’s nothing wrong with meditation (I used to meditate regularly), but it is not a treatment for your disease. The same goes for massage.

Physical Therapy is necessary to rebuild strength when you are recovering. On the way down, its use is more restricted to preserving range-of-motion.

Acupuncture is placebo, although it may have some use in treating lower back pain.

Hypnosis? Why?

Forget about “aroma therapy.” Therapy for what?

Do Tai Chi if you like, but it is not a treatment for your disease. If you have a neuropathy, you need medical treatment now from a neurologist and likely a physical therapist as well. Tai Chi is an exercize you can do when you are in recovery.

If you get competent medical treatment and have the support of friends and family, I am sure you can get through this.