Reply To: Newly diagnosed

October 31, 2012 at 2:22 pm


Echoing what GGH said the lumbar puncture is nothing to fear – make sure you get it done at a hospital under fluoroscope(sp?) – I had no complications.  As far as my IVIG treatments I am in going for my 4th round of 5 next week.  I have been told by the infusion nurses that if IVIG is going to work you can see signs around the 3rd or 4 th loading regimen.  So far I have not seen that improvement – but no worse episodes.  Have leg tingling/numbness, drop left foot, fatigue easily, trouble with steps and have to watch my walking to avoid tripping and falling.  Can only walk 50-100 yards and have to rest/sit down.  You know that feeling I am sure.  I have a desk job 8-5 so getting by but if this IVIG doesn’t help I may suggest to my neuro the plasma try as GH talks about.   Hope this helps.