Reply To: Newly diagnosed

October 31, 2012 at 2:21 am

The lumbar puncture really is not painful at all.  It does sound scary because its i the spine but it was less painful than some of my iv’s for ivig.   One thing I didnt know when I got my lumbar puncture, was that women who are  of menstruating age are prone to getting a spinal headache from the procedure.  It is a very painful headache—hard to describe.  Caffeine gave me the most pain relief from this type of headache.

the 5 day loading dose is the most common starting dose for ivig, the amount is based on your body weight.  if you are young and in otherwise good health you can get the same amount of ivig over 2 days instead of 5. I opted for this schedule due to kids, work, etc. i had no problem with getting it in the two days.  Had many loading doses following this schedule without side effects.  good luck at your appointment.