Reply To: Newbie in Hawaii

August 13, 2013 at 9:49 pm

Hi Steve:
Good luck on your infusions – make sure you find an IVIG infusion rate that is tolerated by your body. On about 3 occasions (usually the first in the series of the 5 consecutive days) I have gotten sever chills and shaking during the IVIG. the rate was too high so I have learned by trial and error to start the infusion rate at avout 65 for 1/2 hour and ramp up to a max of 130/hr for the remaining time. You will have to see what your body will tolerate and go with that. Drink plenty of water, get the tylenol and Benedryl at the start – it will help. I am 60 years old – can’t do any long walking or exercises.
Good luck.