Reply To: Newbie–anyone have a doctor in NM?

September 12, 2013 at 12:54 am

GH, I agree it’s urgent, and I do have a referral to a neurologist. I guess the real problem is the doctor shortage in New Mexico. My neurologist had emergency surgery the day of my appointment and rescheduled me 6 weeks later (4 weeks away now); she is working only half-time, and she’s the best neurologist in Santa Fe. But no other neurologist seems to be able to see me sooner, even in Albuquerque.

Jim-LA, I seem to have only trace amounts of a paraprotein, so it’s doubtful that it’s causing the neuropathy, at least for now. But thanks for the information. And thanks for the information on the NM contact–I will try to reach her,

Unfortunately, my insurance won’t cover anyone out of state, so I can’t afford to go to Phoenix. Wish I could!