Reply To: New To This In Huntsville, AL

November 17, 2013 at 10:34 pm

IvIg gave me almost immediate relief on the first day of treatment,
however, that faded until one day after the 5 day IvIg loading dose, then the
IvIg gave me GREAT relief for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I crashed back to
my previous state of muscle dysfunction. After 3/5 day sessions per month, my neurologist
prescribed 3 days of infusions, every two weeks. I am very confident
that this new schedule will load me up and a smaller does can then be prescribed
for maintenance.

It took me 5 years of constant hectoring of Kaiser Hawaii to have my
condition recognized. At times I was reduced to a jell-o like state of immobility
and immense pain.

I have a permanent foot drop, twitching that I believe
will never cease and other symptoms that I believe could have been cured if
my CIDP was recognized earlier.

I also have mild diabetes and I knew I had something else going on. I complained until
I was blue-in-the-face to Kaiser Maui. I took matter in my own hands by getting a
stronger diabetes medication, becoming extremely fit and lowering my Ha1c to 5.5 for many
months, only then did Kaiser realize I had other things going on.

My concern now is an elevated M protein that could be a paraneoplastic
syndrome manifested asperipheral neuropathy… but that is a
cellular bug-a-boo of a different color.
However, my oncologist tells me the IgG can have
a beneficial effect on the IgM’s

Good luck…hang in there. When the IgG kicks in for me I literally jump for joy!!!