Reply To: New Reluctant CIDP Member/Relapse?

March 25, 2013 at 11:32 pm

Sorry for the lateness in posting an update.  Complete 5 days/doses of IVIg, 2 days/doses (with one more to go) of IV Predeisone.  Seemsw to have halted the relapse.  Touch feeling improving, fine motor skills went almost to zero but now improving.  Doesn’t look like I lost all strength I gained in Swedish Rehab, so at least I’ll have something to build on.  The single thing that worries me the most is being able to quickly detect any future relapses and quickly get hooked up to halt it.  One of my Neuro Doc’s said I’ll probably be on “maintanance doses” of IVIg every 4 weeks as a preventative.

Any thoughts from folks who have already gone through relapses?