Reply To: New here. Recently diagnosed with CIDP; getting IVIG.

May 20, 2013 at 11:50 pm

W elcome to the forums. The first advice I would give you is to try to avoid self-fiagnosis. It’s fine to be informed about various conditions so that you can ask intelligent questions, but you need to leave diagnosis to your doctors.

Response to IvIg varies. The initial “loading” dose is usually spread over five consecutive days. Did you have only three? Then periodic treatments thereafter can often keep the disease in check. Sometimes, they do not. I continued to deteriorate after two five-day rounds of IvIg about ten days apart, then my treatment was changed to plasma exchange. I had nine PE treatments, which seem to have turned the tide for me. I am now largely recovered and in remission.

It is not unusual to have to experiment with treatments to find the treatment plan which works best for you.