Reply To: New here. Recently diagnosed with CIDP; getting IVIG.

May 28, 2013 at 12:08 am

BTW, something unusual today, so I though I’d report it here for anyone who’s following along. It’s this: today I feel completely normal. As in, “normal” normal. As if I had never had an IVIG treatment; no headache, no stiff neck, no cranial tension, no dizziness, no feeling “spaced out;” all of which I’ve had by varying degrees since my first infusions two weeks ago. All gone, as of today.

Furthermore, my CIPD symptoms are barely there; the fingertips feel 90% normal, virtually no muscle cramps, and the famous numb feet are only a little bit numb.

All this the day before my next infusion — I get juiced again tomorrow, possibly repeating the cycle of cycles over again. But it’s nice to know that “normal” is one of the possibilities in the daily grab bag of “how will I feel today?”