Reply To: New here. Recently diagnosed with CIDP; getting IVIG.

May 26, 2013 at 2:58 am

Oh yes.. that is very familiar.. I feel like every single time I get IVIG my brain is fried for a few days afterwards.. I have a harder time with everything – mentation wise. And the three times I have had meningitis my brain feels extra fried.. I have told my husband on numerous occasions – I think my IQ drops a few points every round of IVIG.. but hey.. if it works!

Are you feeling better? Do you usually have to take something to sleep? I do.. I went three months after the inital attack of onset of this thing and I never slept well for over three months, I was so exhausted I would pass out initially and then wake up minutes/seconds later with my limbs all tingly and asleep feeling (like you have to shake them awake).. I take lyrica now.. it was great to just sleep semi normally (I don’t feel like I breathe deeply at night – been that way since this started).. but otherwise if I cut back on the lyrica, I wake up every few minutes all night having to shake my limbs awake ahhh!

HOpe your doing well!