Reply To: New Development, Need Advice

June 23, 2012 at 1:02 am

My husband gets IVIG every month and has done since 2007. But he had to fight for it. After less than six months on IVIG, the neuro. insisted that he go on Immuran. Within 3 weeks he was in hospital with life threatening sepsis. After that he was pushed to go on Cellcept. He refused due to his horrific scary episode on Immuran. In essence we had to make huge waves over him being allowed to stay on IVIG. We had a huge show down and I posed the question to the neurologist, “Are you telling me that you are insisting that my husband take another drug with potentially life threatening side effects because the he is not worth the cost of IVIG?” I made it clear that I would go to the media if that was the case. They backed right off.