Reply To: Neuropathy… still?

October 28, 2012 at 9:33 pm

In answer to your question- I was dx 5 years ago at age 41.  Originally dx with GBS , hospitalized , paralyzed from trunk down- good response to IVIG 5 day loading dose – relapsed about 8 weeks later and back on loading dose ivig- after another relapse,  re- classified to CIDP and have been on maintenance ivig currently every 10 days and also in Imuran ( azothioprine)  for CIDP- my strength is improved but not normal – I am able to walk without a cane but not long distances I have a wheelchair if I have to walk long distances.  I have some tingling , numbness and some nerve pain but take no meds for it as it is not the most prominent symptom for me-  uggs are pretty wide and you can size up if you need they  usually tell you to get a size smaller as it is natural shearling lining and compresses with time-  I have a lot of issues with Raynauds so for me they are a lifesaver – I hope this helps and hang in there  !