Reply To: nerve healing process

November 30, 2012 at 2:07 am

Hi Lori,

My brother was diagnosed lin March 2012 and has had many ups and downs. He went from not being able to stand in 1 spot for 5 seconds to most recently 2 minutes. This has been a gradual progression and he has still a ways to go.  His grip strength is still weak, but the dr explains that this will take time. 18-24 months. His treatment has been 36 plasma exchanges wit prednisone 50mg tapered down to 20 this week. He has also been in imuran for 4 months (200mg) and most recently gets Solumedrol drip after his plasma. Plasma was originally 4 times a month, then 2x then 1x. He did notice some weakness starting to set in and the dr immediately put him back on 4x a  month and he has noticed some change in energy.

As an outsider i can’t begin to imagine the frustration you are going thru, but i can say that patience is necessary. Ultimately you know your body better than anybody else. If you feel a progressive weakness you need to advise the dr to revamp the treatment plan. There will be good days and bad, but keep an eye on the amount of bad.

I have read many articles on nerve regeneration and the consensus is time. (24 months). Some people say that axons will regenerate slowly even after 4 years they notice things getting better.

what condition are you in now? are you able to function alone?