Reply To: nerve healing process

November 23, 2012 at 9:11 pm

Thank you for that Ann—-I have asked that question so many times “how can we tell if it’s still active or not”  now I will pay attention to the screen static and crackles during my next emg and specifically ask if that is active cidp showing on the screen.  I would think, yes that the signs of nerve damage would be relatively the same as you mentioned above, even though the causes may be different.

My emg test is usually very loud on the screen and very painful when the needle is inserted into my thigh muscle. sometimes the charley horse pain created from the needle can tighten and be painful for weeks.  As much as i hate the emg test, I do really want to know whats going on since i started this rituxin.  Im having a hard time determining  what is going on, mostly in the past week. If Im feeling normal side effects from rituxin, mere fatigue that may pass over time or is rituxin worn off or not working and cidp active??? Lori