Reply To: Nerve Biopsy

February 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm

Hello! from what I have read on here- seems to be mixed reviews.. some people get answers, some don’t.. from what i’v researched otherwise the damage with cidp and other neuropathies to the nerves is “patchy” so if they don’t get l ucky getting the right part of the nerve you may not get any answers.. I also hear the risks are fairly high that you will have chronic pain from it (i want to say I read 25% of people do).. hopefully other people on here can give you more info!
I had a skin/punch biopsy that looks at the nerves.. apparently this is a newer way of doing things, and not all places do this.. however I’m not for sure how the two compare to each other as far as “what” they tell the dr’s.. From what I know if the skin/punch biopsy comes back abnormal it can not only point towards cidp/inflammatory neuropathy and also it shows that there may be autonomic involvement for some reason too.. The recovery for that one was super simple.. they sipmly take three punches in your leg from foot to thigh.. in their office and they just scab over and that’s it 🙂 Hope that helps!