Reply To: Nerve Biopsy

February 24, 2012 at 2:12 am

i had the sural nerve biopsy just this past June at Mayo. It confirmed my cidp diagnosis. I had it done on my most affected area—-rt foot. they used just local anesthesia, removed a small piece of the sural nerve behind my right ankle. I was able to walk on it immediately after. They put dissolvable stitches on the inside, steri stitches on the outside, so no need to go back for removal. very thin small scar–not bad. There was no pain from the procedure or the incision itself, but i did have shooting nerve pain from that area for about 10 days, it was pretty intense pain but only came when i flexed my foot or moved it in certain positions. thankfully it wasnt permanent. I have numbness on the top of my rt foot and outside of the ankle from the nerve biopsy . I already had the glove and stocking feeling numbness, the nerve biopsy area is a little more numb than that—if that makes sense??? if you have any other questions regarding the procedure feel free to ask.