Reply To: Need tips on recovery

September 4, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Hello all, I had some version of GBS in 2010 which had me in hospital 6 times in 6 months with a course of IVIG each time. By that time the neurologists had decided it was CIDP – but I had other ideas. I have an amazing local doctor whose goal is to treat the root cause of any condition, not just relieve the symptoms. I also sought advice from a friend who runs an international health programme for people with serious illnesses like cancer and MS using diet and meditation. These are the things that have allowed me attack this condition at the root and with much more optimism than my neurologists had – and it has had results.

To give you some examples, I take UltrainflammX daily which my doctor tells me contains a substance that over time (years) will reverse my immune system out of autoimmune mode; I adhere to many of the diet and supplements recommended for people with MS as outlined here: – not that what we have is MS but there are some similarities and we can benefit form what they have learned; lastly I have recently been reading up about a Chinese herb called Chang Shan which has been found to reduce the abnormal activity of TH17 immune cells in autoimmune conditions – I am considering trying this out.

Mostly I urge everyone to try diet and supplements to treat the root problem. Meditation and prayer have also been an essential part of my recovery. After the first 6 month period and the 4-6 months recovery after that I have had just 2 small ‘episodes’ of symptoms of weakness, and that is with a very busy job and life in general. It is possible to overcome this condition but we have to try everything we can get our hands on! I know I still have CIDP but I am not going to allow it to become the centre of my life.

I wish everyone all the best .