Reply To: need spome advice on this cidp rollercoaster ride??

January 30, 2013 at 2:06 am

The solution is SCT.   I tried IV-IG –  Prednisone – Cytoxin – all of it was like blowing against a boulder.   Whatever it did – I had a hard time distinguishing if it was real or in my mind.    Then I did SCT – and that is the no shit fix.   Recovered all of my function within weeks.  I have some lingering foot pain – and I spread my toes as much as I used to be able to do.   But everything else is back to 100%.  I move the same amount of weight in the gym as I did before.   The best advice I can give anyone with CIDP – is go get a SCT – and do it as soon as you can.  The biggest factor in how much you recover is how long you have had the illness.   I became symptomatic on July 1st 2009 – and had my xplant on March 4th 2010 – 7 months.   Looking back from 3 years later – CIDP seems like a bad dream.