Reply To: Need a Neurologist

June 11, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Hi, I am not sure what I meant. Here it is: Advanced Neurology of Colorado, 2121 East Harmony Road, Suite 180, Fort Collins 80528, Phone 970-226-6111

Dr. Jerry D. Nash, MD The other one in the practice is Dr. Miller. I have had both, started with her and later was switched to Dr. Nash. Both did a good job for me. Dr. Nash treats me as if I was an adult who knew what he was talking about. He listens to me and is willing to treat my suggestions as worthy of consideration. He does not hesitate to consult with other specialties. He has twice referred me to Allergy specialists to get a handle on some reactions I had to IVIG. He has been willing to put into effect some info I brought to him from the Foundation’s medical symposiums.
I hope this is helpful. Feel free to telephone me, write, smoke signal or whatever.