Reply To: My up and down journey

September 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm

It’s nice that most people see improvement. My husband was initially diagnosed over 5 years ago. Not only has he seen no improvement, it’s worse today than ever. He’s permanently disabled. The last neurologist we consulted told him depression was the reason he wasn’t getting better.  Yeah, I suppose over 5 years of little balance, extreme pain and muscle weakness, numbness, and all the other symptoms, would leave a person depressed.

Has anyone mentioned that over doing it physically can actually set you back? Be cautious in starting your cycling again. Try it but be cautious and stop at the first sign of fatigue. Brad, my husband, walked ok actually until about 5 months after diagnosis when he tried going back to work as an electrical lineman. That night he could barely walk at all and its been down hill since. I love hitting the trails myself but don’t over do it or you could cause a relapse.