Reply To: My up and down journey

August 13, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Great poem, D.U. Isn’t that just how it is? Life is suddenly all about accomplishing the most basic things. I remember making the journey to the bathroom being such a huge deal. Laying there, plotting out my course, taking the first step without falling over myself. Exhausted when I got there, wondering if I’d have it in me for the return trip! One little excursion like this after another… such were my days back then. And now, albeit 13 years post-GBS onset, life’s a similar pattern, only a rather unexpected contentment has slowly trickled in over time … and, by the grace of God, I’m able not only to accept these handicapped moments, but I rather enjoy the simplified way of life it’s all brought with it. Again, you put the journey of day-to-day in words so true and down-to-Earth.