Reply To: my rituxin experience

April 12, 2013 at 12:38 am

We went for the recommended rerun of tests in Spring.  Some tests were a little worse than November, some quite a bit better.  The main change was in the EMG test (>with needle electrodes) which – this time – I took lying down instead of sitting on the edge of the bed.  HUGE change….  November test of the “relaxed muscle” showed huge graphics activity and crackle on the speaker.  April 2013 tests, lying down, showed an almost smooth horizontal line and no noise.  Conclusion – little ongoing inflammatory attack.  Neurologist looked startled.  I did not have the nerve (no pun intended) to ask for a repeat test sitting up.  So I do not know if the November test was valid.  Anyway we are plugging along with grab bars around the house and an extra handrail on the stairs.   So maybe the Rituximab halted the progress of anti-MAG…we shall see.