Reply To: my rituxin experience

June 25, 2012 at 3:38 am

10 days post second infusion. I normally would have been due for my every 6 week loading dose of ivig in 4 days and feeling very tired. I have not done ivig since starting the rituxin, and hopefully wont need to. Energywise i feel good.
My massage therapist commented that she thought my calves had a little more there to work with than my previous visit two weeks earlier??? I hope so–my calves have atrophied, if i ever regain the size and muscle in them i will never complain about them being “too muscular and big ” again like i used to…..Amen–lol.
Its still too early to really know anything yet, I figure the rituxin needs time to kill the b cells, this should then stop the immune response, the nerves then need time to heal/regenerate after the attack has stopped, It then needs to reinervate the muscle, then the muscle needs to be strengthened once it can finally get the message to do so. I keep this process in my head so to remind myself not to rush it and give the rituxin time to work if it is going to.
but overall i have definitely not gotten any worse, maybe a tiny bit better, and less fatigue.