Reply To: Musician with CIDP

March 12, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Hi Cindy

Sound like you are struggling, but your attitude will serve you well. I don’t think non-musicians could possibly understand how much is robbed when you can’t create music anymore. I tried to never give up. At first in my illness my djembe was my only solace. I remember putting on really heavy music, like Black Sabbath and TOOL and sitting there as long as I could. It didn’t sound very Ghanian at all, but it served to help ease my initial rage.
Wow, you sound like you have some very nice guitars. That Alvarez (Yari) sounds and looks beautiful! Does yours have the beautiful abalone work done around the soundhole? My only acoustic is a decent Yamaha that I had a bone nut and saddle installed on. I know what you mean about the 12-string, I already sold mine. It was nothing special (just an Art and Lutherie) and I figure if I change my mind I can always acquire another one. Sorry you sold the Gibby. I love the ES-335! I have a great Japanese copy, but I think I may trade it away for a lighter axe. I like the idea of a Gibson SG with P-90s (think Santana, Terry Kath, early Tony Iommi!).
My fingers lock up and don’t do as they’re told as well. For some reason, I have the worst time playing a basic D chord because my ring finger almost NEVER makes it where it’s supposed to go (it always hits the third string, if I’m lucky I muffle the second!) Hand stretches help somewhat, there is a good youtube video called ‘Essential Hand Stretches’ that I learned a lot from. I also have found that warming them up before hand can help a bit.
Have you seen ‘It Might Get Loud’? This is a very cool movie and tribute to the electric guitar. Jimmy Page (Led Zep), The Edge (U2) and Jack White (The White Stripes) are profiled. The movie explores their individual styles but also brings them together for a soundstage summit where they trade licks and talk influences. Seeing the look on the Edge’s and Jack White’s face when Page teaches them ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is worth watching alone (hint, they look like humble children in awe). You might like it, I really enjoyed it (and no you don’t have to be a fan, there’s plenty to like in this movie fr ANY musician).
Rory doesn’t know where he got CIDP or how. He just keeps plugging along and I’m really proud that he doesn’t give up. I’m glad you haven’t either. You may have to change how you play, but there could be a possibility. Perhaps the piano is your best option. Synthesizers can be fun too (I have an old Roland JX-3P).
I hope we can stay in touch. if you wish we can ‘meet’ here or I can send you my e-mail address.

P.S. Your Dad is Mikmaq? I suppose that means you are on the East coast?