Reply To: Musician with CIDP

March 12, 2012 at 6:09 am

Really great to hear from you. I tried the ultra lights. Not much luck. My Patriot is one of the 176 made with electronics and it sounds great as an acoustic or plugged in. I sold much of my electronic equipment but your ideas are great. My hands are a big problem… have involuntary movement of fingers and sometimes they lock up. Makes playing really tough. I have a number of guitars from my professional days and just haven’t reached the point where I’m ready to sell them. Have a Mossman 12 string which I cannot possibly play. I love the sound of that guitar. Also have a Yairi DY90. Still have my drums but cannot get hands and feet to do the tricks they used to do! Know what you mean about the Les P. They are HEAVY. First time I strapped mine on I nearly tumbled forward, and after playing my first full night with it I had to get a shoulder massage everyday for 2 weeks. Decided my Gibson ES335 was an easier option. Sold it and sure miss it. Sorry to hear that treatment is not an option for you… but your attitude sounds more likely to accomplish the job! Studied music therapy for several years and there is real healing power in music and attitude takes you the rest of the way. Right now I do more listening than playing but I keep picturing myself playing… I often sit at the piano and try playing scales with my right hand. My voice was effected by my illness so singing is out. Haven’t been able to write since very early 2010. Recorded my last work in August 2010. Wasn’t my best… just a solo album with my guitars dedicated to my grandfather. I wrote Walk In My Soul The Gentle Way for him… he was Mic Mac. I consider myself fortunate inspite of the illness and the bleak prognosis. Did your friend get CIDP from the flu shot? I did. At times I get angry with all the changes in my life but I cool off quickly and remember how lucky I’ve been. You keep your chops up! Music is grace! Someone once told me that he who sings prays twice. Between music and chanting my mantra, I manage to keep fighting the illness. I sure hope the treatment works but if not I’ll figure out something else! Don’t stop the music! And thanks for answering my message. I was really down when I sent the first message… and seeing your response really picked up my spirits tonight. Never give up! Here’s a word for you to remember: josho. It means ‘ever victorious.’ Do you know Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock? They’re members of my Buddhist lay organization. Awesome players. Take care. c/