Reply To: Musician with CIDP

March 10, 2012 at 6:30 am

Hi N Git Guy. I was a musician, too. I have fought my way through 17 months of being called a nut case… then spinal cord surgery due to misdiagnosis… and finally my doctor gave up on me because I needed too much of his time. After 2 years I felt very beaten and found myself thinking about the worst possible thing I could do. Finally, my journey lead me to the good people at PNA and I am waiting for the last few tests before treatment for CIDP. I miss playing my guitars, mandolin, violins, etc., too. Music was always such good medicine for me. Now, I take out my guitars and look at them, remembering how great it felt to play. I really miss my Ovation Patriot. Took me years to find the one I wanted and only had a chance to play it for a year before getting sick. Sure hope you keep going with the tunes and the instruments. After reading your message I now dare to think maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to play a little again one day. I’m sure I’ll never have the classical technique I once had but I’ll settle for any ole song! Thanks for the encouragement. I was really slipping tonight and needed a little lift. Did treatment help you a lot? I’m very nervous about the treatment. Be well and keep pickin’!