Reply To: Muscle Fascirculation increase

June 10, 2012 at 2:56 am

I don’t want to either alarm or minimize your situation, but I think that I would rather have the muscle losses than the sensory losses. From those things I have seen and read, muscle losses seem to be recoverable, while sensory loss seems to be more permanent. In my own case, I respond with muscular recovery following treatments, but I have not regained any sensory response. I know that what you are going through is distressing and absolutely stinks. I hope that you find some recovery and are able to deal with the changes that CIDP brings.

Some things that I believe are essential to a recovery. 1. Stress relief, 2. Activity in moderation 3. Listen to your body because the rules are different.
1. Stress affects everything in your body. Your immune response, your hormonal responses, heart rates, anxiety, everything rersponds to stress. If you can minimize stress you stand a better chance of levelling your life. 2. Activity in moderation. You have to stay active or you lose flexibility, strength, recovery ability, and stamina. If you do too much, overdo, overexert, etc. you add stress to the system and recovery from the activity becomes more difficult. and 3. Listen to your body. If you get tired STOP. If you need to rest, take a nap. If you feel good, take a walk. CIDP changes what you can do and how much you can do it. But you still have a measure of control over your life.
I have been dealing with CIDP since 1989 and I still have periods of cramps, twitching, pins and needles, burning, etc. And sometimes I will go a month or more with no problems. It comes and goes, and it will always come and go. Take care of yourself and work your way through the harder times. Enjoy the good days. Life is different with CIDP, but it is still enjoyable.

Be good !
Dick Schonewolf