Reply To: Lyme, Neuropathy, CIDP and IVIg

May 18, 2013 at 12:55 am

Thank you so much for this thread!!! I had a diagnosis of multiple infections causing CFS and got a small dose of IVIG. I felt fantastic for all of 3 weeks and than crashed to a new low that was incredibly lower than the bad shape I was in prior to treatment. I was ruled out for CIPD…my EMG was positive for polyneuropathy, but only level 1 and CIDP takes a level 3 out of 4 for dx… so I wondered if what you stated above could have happened to me but I had no way of proving anything. I became unable to walk, vertigo was awful, terrible short term memory etc. I have permanent changes in my skin, I had some other “co-infection” stuff too…abdominal swelling, passing out from dysautonomia going out of control etc. I’m better, but now my legs have discolored, mottled some and want to swell and i react to cold with disappearing veins and now my arms have some discoloration, my lower left leg feels like horrible bone pain in the shins… I’m looking into bartonella and I do have babesia. I’m on po antibiotics at the moment, but have to be careful of my GI as it has been messed up – leaky gut syndrome, IBS with dysbiosis, and also had to be treated for citrobacter strains. I’m open to other suggestions 🙂 I’m trying to learn all that I can for me and for others as I am a nurse practitioner that wants to work in this field of expertise to help people not suffer the way I have. You can email me at