Reply To: Lots of Questions

March 23, 2012 at 12:59 am

Hi CJ,

I’m 54 now and was diagnosed when I was 39. Everyone is different on the severity and recovery. I had a ‘mild’ case – not hospitalized although looking back I wish I had been as maybe I would have recovered better. I finally got SSDI last year which was a true blessing as I could not hold down a secretary job and with the job market no one would hire me. Everything in my life has changed since GBS…I’ve learned the hard way about ‘slowing down and smelling the roses’! It’s sad for me to see how important potassium is because I have now been diagnosed with an inherited kidney disease and doc says only one meal a day with protein. Phosphates and potassium are also hard on my kidneys. We all seem to have our paths but end up here sharing and giving/recieving support. You are not alone…you have your GBS family now!!!

Oh, I did have acupuntcure years ago and it seemed to help a little bit. So if it feels good, I say go for it. Just keep up on your rest and you will notice more quality time when you are awake.