Reply To: Looking for answers- doctors making me feel like I am crazy

June 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm

no it’s not easy. i was having a hard time with “treatable” and really want “cureable” something where i won’t have to plan on it being lifelong. That was one of the things i took into consideration when i made the decision to try rituxin. It’s 6 infusions in 18 months if it works like my Dr hopes. I agree….i can’t help but always think how wonderful my life would be if i could just get rid of this and get more strength back in my legs. At this point I wont even care if Im unable to run or ski again—I would just like walking to be easy again, have a normal gait, and be able to stand in one spot without wobbling.
Did something go wrong at your infusion, or were you just having “a moment” I try to stay strong most of the time—but sometimes those ” why me –crying moments” take over.