Reply To: Looking for answers- doctors making me feel like I am crazy

June 5, 2012 at 6:13 pm

About the constipation, we started using colace and dulcolax to stay regular. He would not do miralax, nine y/o at the time. The pill was much easier. I will pray that you find someone soon. Check a member name Julie. I think she had good results at Hopkins, maybe through the archives you can find the name. She too was a difficult case. May on the site haveseen Dr. Dyck. Actually, I think it is his son now, not sure. Getting an answer for a confirmed dx, whatever the ailment will be 75% of the battle. From there it is all uphill. Have patience. Good luck, we will say a prayer that you find the right doc soon.

There was one girl on here who had a urination issue, she would mandatorily go to the bathroom every two hours regardless of urge just to be sure. I will try to remember her name and maybe you could search her posts for info. I believe she too had difficulty getting a dx.
Maybe someone will respond with the name…..She was older, lived with her parents, had issues with afo’s. I can’t remember her name now, maybe it will come to me.