Reply To: Looking for answers- doctors making me feel like I am crazy

May 30, 2012 at 1:43 am

I traveled out to Mayo and saw dr Dyck as Kelly mentioned above. It is a great way to get diagnosed, mayo will coordinate all of your testing to be done in a week. They are used to people coming from far away especially for this reason. The staff at the hospital are very helpful if you call. There are many reasonable places to stay near the hospital. If you are seriously looking at going out there and want more info let me know if I can help.
I definitely agree you should find another Dr. who will listen to you. My cidp is the slowly progressive type—and that was scary enougn for me (also a former runner) I dont know how you and Bny handled the way it came onto you both so fast and furious?? I would probably have planked my butt in a reputable nearby ER and refused to leave until they did SOMETHING!!