Reply To: lookin for a friend

March 23, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Sorry to here about your illness and pray for your recovery.

I was diagnosed GBS Dec 27th 2011 and spent one week in hospital for 5 days IVIG treatment after suffering flu-like symptoms with a slight fever just a few days prior . It started in my legs one morning as I was getting up from bed. My legs felt so weak I could barely walk. I thought I was having a stroke at first but felt no pain. Blood pressure was very low and they admitted me immediately. After several test,,,MRI , Spinal tap , Labs etc…they suspected GBS and started IVIG. It progressed from my legs to arms before stopping. Spent week and a half inpatient physical therapy and two months outpatient. Only affected my legs and arms . Got another IVIG treatment March 21st 2012 after my neurologist suggested it might speed recovery. I can walk with a slight foot-drop. Hands , fingers are very weak but improve daily. I feel fortunate to have gotten a mild version compared to what I’ve seen and heard about this illness overall.
I cant stress enough about how fortunate I am compared to the many others who suffered a much more severe case than I.
I continue to have small strength gains daily. I have not returned to work as it requires more physical strength than I am able to perform at this point. I’m praying my leg and hand strength continues to improve to the point I can return to work.
God bless us all.