Reply To: lookin for a friend

April 2, 2012 at 11:01 pm

well got a bit of good news today. The cast on my hand came off(from me falling) so that was a good thing. (dellpar) as for the foot drop i go this friday to be fitted for a brace for my foot, thankfully! My hand doctor thinks it will really help with the walkiin a bit. As for the neurologist thing. i had put on here that i was lookin for a support group and a lady by the name of susan mills farrington gave me information that there is no support groups around here but she did give me a name of a doctor that has good knowledge of gbs and its jus as far as i would of been traveling to the other doctor. so I am gettin on the phone tomorrow and calling. So everyone keep your fingers crossed that they are accepting patients and can get me in soon. I will keep you all updated….Have a great evening!!!