Reply To: Knee Contractures – 12 y/o boy

October 7, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Thanks GH for the encouragement. He has gotten a lot of strength back..sometimes it is hard for us to judge how much but looking back at where he was I know it is improving even if slowly. We haven’t seen any sort of relapse of the weakness other than the tremors he has seem to have gotten slightly worse in more areas than just his hands. We are going back to neurology this week for them to re evaluate that but I doubt they will have much insight. I am also getting him into a Physical Therapist that works more with viseral manipulation, myofacial release and even some Cranio sacral therapy. I feel that the exercised based rehab he has had for the last few months has helped to increase his strength but we have gotten no where on the contractures so before we take the scary step of leg shortening I want to give the slow hands on approach a try. We have to pay out of pocket since they don’t take our secondary insurance and our primary has reached its cap of treatments for the year. I think I may press to also stay with at least the Occupational Therapy part at the place he is being seen now as he does have a lot of trouble with the fine motor skills and we want to keep working on that.

One odd thing happened yesterday that I wondered if you, or anyone reading this had experienced? When Chad got up in the morning he started to complain about a pain in the top/side of his foot, within a few minutes it was so painful he was crying. I tried rubbing, heat, elevation (which helped the most) and Aleve. After 30 minutes or so it calmed down and oddly enough we noticed he could move his toes quite a bit on that foot! He has had no more than a twitch before that. Is it possible that the pain was the nerves making that “final” reconnection? Has anyone heard of anything like this…it was so odd…but we are very happy to see movement in his toes again!